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  • Can you use a combo amp with a cabinet

    May 05, 2013 · You certainly can't plug an amp head into a combo, if that is what you are suggesting. UNPLUG the speaker from the amp. If your combo has a line out that you can use to So you have a combo (meaning that it contains both an amplifier and speaker(s) inside the same enclosure), and you want to use it as a cab (speaker(s) You can run an 8 ohm speaker on a 4 ohm jack. Connect the  You can use one of the default models or you can create your own hybrid of different amplifiers, cabinets, and so on. Or from the amp into cabinet 1, and from the amp to cabinet 2 - of course you will need an amplifier with two speaker outputs for this to work. Amp heads feature 8 or 16 Ohm operation. 3 Apr 2009 What if I were to take the headphone/lineout (1/4 inch btw) and just hook that up to a cab? Would that work? 6 Oct 2009 If you do, turn the amp off, unplug the speaker from that jack, and run the cabinet ahead because I happened to find a great deal, used, on it) 20 Dec 2018 Can You Use an Amp Head With a Combo Amp? In short, yes. To change valves you need to remove the whole back panel, which takes a few minutes. Though, it would make it harder if you're trying to make it reversible as well. Combo amps have a speaker cabinet built-in, but many manufactures leave the  15 Aug 2015 I bought some Jazz III picks on a whim last week after using traditional . I don't currently have the funds for a proper cabinet, so I was considering rewiring my Line6 Spider 212 combo amp to behave as a 2x12 cabinet. Use an effect pedal or tuner with stereo outputs, or a dedicated ABY box, to split the guitar signal into two, sending each signal to its own amplifier. For 10" speakers, the most common combo amp and speaker cabinet configurations are 2x10" and 4x10". Combo versions feature 4 or 8 Ohm options. But things can get a little more complicated if you have a separate head/cab setup. Correct matches can also be achieved using Series or Parallel Boxes. Aug 28, 2017 · It has a Celestion Vintage30, 16ohm speaker. You also have more options when it comes to "choosing your sound. Jan 21, 2009 · 2. As others have already stated, a speaker cabinet is a speaker cabinet. The problem with  1 Jan 2019 I switched from a 2x10 (vobrolux reisssue) combo to a 1x12 (lonestar special). · You can disconnect the  I am using a Line 6 Spider IV combo here but most combos will work this way. You can really dial in a basic tone that you can be happy with–especially for genres like jazz or Sep 25, 2020 · Today we are going to talk about how to build a guitar amp cabinet from scratch. May 06, 2010 · There are three loudspeaker jacks provided on the TSL amps. Apr 01, 2019 · You can pretty much plug it into any flat response speaker or traditional amp setup you can dream of. One is dedicated to 16 Ohm use only and is marked as such. Not a lot of smaller combo's have the ability to drive another speaker. Combo amps have a speaker cabinet built-in, but many manufactures leave the connection visible on the back panel of the amp. An empty cabinet can cost upwards of $200, and this way I would already have the cabinet. The combo amp has two 4 Ohm, two 8 Ohm, and a single 16 Ohm output. The sound will be fuller. The Fender Bass Combo Amp is a common arrangement of a bass amplifier – the “combo” amp. If you have a combo amp with an integrated headphone jack like Carvin Audio’s MB Series bass amps, you can just plug and play. If the speaker cabinet impedance load is higher than the amplifier rating, e. It also comes with a cabinet voicing circuit, so you can even send it straight to the PA. I have a 1x12 cabinet that runs at 16 Ohms. You are not guarenteed to get a great sound, but typically it is possible. you would need some kind of work around because the Stomp can't drive a passive speaker cabinet. 27 Aug 2014 Many people asked how I connected my Bugera amp head into the speaker of the Marshall AVT combo. You can bring a bigger cabinet (or a full stack) to larger gigs, or just take a 2x10 to the smaller ones. If the amp is not designed to run with more than one impedance load, you can harm the amp. Save money on Used Guitar Amplifiers at Guitar Center. For example speaker cable from cab jack  17 Feb 2008 I found a really cool (used) Peavey amp head. Could I do a combo of 1. With a combo, you can't replace it's head. The Carvin Audio VLD1 Legacy Drive Preamp Pedal is an ideal way to take your tone anywhere. Your headphone out does not have enough signal to drive a speaker - it may work a little but it will be very low and unusable. , an eight ohm cabinet plugged into an amplifier with a minimum impedance load of four ohms, you're cool" so according to this, you are fine to do it. I lucked out and on Craigslist found an old Peavey Amp with the amp part missing, but the shell and speakers were intact. If they are both 4 (or even 8) ohms, you'll get max wattage from the amp. Aug 17, 2020 · Although setting up OX with a separate amplifier head and speaker cabinet is relatively straight forward, making the required connections with an all-in-one combo amp (amp and speaker in the same cabinet) can be a little more confusing at first. It could be 60, 75, 100, or even 150 watts. You can use an amp combo as an extension cabinet by simply bypassing that amp's pre and power amps -- don't even plug that amp in. You may also want to read my previous article, “Decoding Graphic Equalizers: Get Past ‘Scooping’ Your Tone”, for some more Nov 28, 2014 · So I had a 2x10 cab custom built for it. Specially designed companion speaker cabinet for the 100-watt Katana-Head amplifier; Delivers maximum tonal performance and rugged durability with reduced weight Changing the guitar cabinet world one build at a time. What I'd like to do is get a 2x12 cabinet to use as an extension cabinet for this combo, but I want to use the combo speaker and cabinet simultaneously. otherwise you have to do a little soldering. I have made combo amps into heads before suprisingly, A little bitty Randall amp that was 5 watts Mar 23, 2018 · Correct! From JCM900 user manual you can read: Impedance Selector Switch Two-way switch for matching the amplifier to speaker impedance. I absolutely don't follow your logic. A combo amp is just a cabinet and pre-amp/power-amp(head) in one box. However, the difference between an extension cab and a regular cab is that the extension cab has been designed to Feb 18, 2015 · An extension cabinet is simply one or more speakers in a cabinet, which will be powered by the other amp. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. For that 50-watt amp, a 50-watt speaker will work fine, but so will any speaker with a power rating greater than 50 watts. Andy. -A different t Apr 03, 2009 · the headphone jack thing wont work either, you need a EXT cab output on your amp because that diverts the power from the amp to drive the cab speakers, most combo amps built in speakers turn off I have combo amp with a 12 inch speaker that runs at 8 Ohms. When they’re all the same impedance use the prior calculation method: divide the ohms of one cab by the number of cabs. An alternate method is to theoretically treat the single 4-ohm cab as two 8-ohm cabs. (I know the A100 has a Speaker Out jack, but it's not clear from the manual if the A70 has one or not. The VC is a pretty similar amp to your And with the detachable back panel section, you can easily go from a tight and focused closed-back stack tone to the spacious open-back sound of a classic combo. Please don't try to connect a cabinet to the combo's output with the combo/speaker still connected unless you understand impedance and ohms. 4. Just add a pair of headphones to record your masterpiece without waking up the neighbors or the baby. If you are new to amps and cabs, this article should be helpful in explaining what speaker impedance is, and how it works with your amp head. 2. The cabinet is ported slightly at the rear, which serves to keep the bottom-end tight and full, but releases enough air to stop the cab from sounding overly directional or boxy, which can be an issue with little amps. Sep 24, 2010 · The amp sends a signal to a speaker, and the speaker has a specified impedance. However, don’t be fooled by its miniature footprint because size is the only thing that is small about this amp. Hey GMC, I currently have a Hartke Bass Combo Amp A100 and I was thinking if I could connect this bass amp with this cabinet for dual speakers and have higher volume. Plug your Combo's speaker(s) into the amplifier chassis as you would any extension cabinet. This allows you to disconnect the speaker from the built-in amplifier and connect your own if you wish. Connect the power lead and plug your amplifier into the mains. I use 50/50 Bullseye Amber Shellac and denatured alcohol, or black spray paint to do the inside of the cabinet. Again, make sure the impedance matches! Looks like you can't without taking it apart. Anyone know  If you use a combo amp with your guitar, keyboard or any other musical instrument, you'll love what the Enhancer can do for you. 667 ohms. Alternatives. . Therefore you can use your 8ohm extension speaker cabinet but not at the sametime as the internal speaker as the two together would have an overall impdedance of 5 ohms. If you want to connect TWO 8 ohm speakers, they should each be connected to a 4 ohm jack. You can also load your amplifier the two ways as well. If your amp is rated only for 4-ohms, you can’t use this configuration of cabinets with 2. However, if you know some basic things about amp head impedance, power, cabinets, and what to look for, it can make the task easier so you can choose an amp and speaker combination that will achieve the desired results. I'd like to use the internal speaker with another head I have. Learn more Quick Tip: Using A Combo Speaker As A Cab. The required parts only cost £8. It will sound crisper at maxed out volumes. If the amp is 4 ohms and the cab is 8 ohms, it would work, but you'd lose a big chunk of your amp's wattage. But you can't afford a cab? And somewhere some stairs are Nov 28, 2020 · The traditional amplifier head, which you would then hook up to an external speaker cabinet, remains a hugely appealing prospect, particularly if you have a speaker cabinet already at home, and if you pay for rehearsal space at a studio they’re sure to have a cabinet you can use there. Sep 15, 2017 · In these situations, you can usually use the amplifier's line-out jack to connect to a recording console, or even your computer's sound card, while keeping the speaker volume low or completely off. The bass response will be way different. Using this socket negates the use of the other sockets! The other two Aug 09, 2012 · I'm a little confused by your pic. Each can sound very good though, but slightly different from the other setup. But if the A70 has a Speaker Out on the back, you can use an extension cab. I was jamming and It's slopy AF. This way, your amp heads will run at optimal Do NOT use a Y cable. This way, your amp heads will run at optimal Custom Amp Cabinets By Armadillo Amp Works. This is for use when using either a single 16 Ohm cabinet (Marshall 4x12” of course!) on the TSL100 head or the internal speakers on the TSL122 combo. Doing what the other guy's wont or cant do and for much less. Its tilt-back cabinet design ensures that both you and your audience can hear the 8″ speaker, even at low volumes. However it is not safe to run into a lower impedance load. Rated at 700W (program) and 350W (continuous), the cabinet features the same two 10” Eminence speakers and compression horn as those found in the Rumble 500 combo. Contact us for all your needs,from 1x10's to 8x12's we will,can,and have done it all. Using a more modern amp as the slave, you could take the out of the primary amp into the effects return of the secondary amp and bypass the preamp section of the slaved amp altogether. Even if you’re in the sweet spot where the house PA is robust enough to take care of all your needs, the available stage space can be limited. Silverface Deluxe Reverb® Style Guitar Amplifier Combo Speaker Cabinet The Rumble 210 extension cabinet is a great companion to the Rumble 500 Combo, and also serves as a primary cabinet if you purchase the Fender Rumble head instead of the combo. Click here to order an amp cab or get pricing on custom Fender amp cabinets. I am using a Line 6 Spider IV combo here but most combos will work this way. Of course, I would never take a hack saw to a vintage  So, could I use a 16 ohm cabinet if I plugged it into one 8 ohm output and I would mainly have the amp on top of the cab (cleverly saving  Combo Amplifier or Amp Head and Cabinet? I believe that In fact, that's what I do most often when I take my amps out for rehearsals or gigs. I'm very much a tube amp newb! RK If you’re looking for that plaster-shattering Marshall roar, a combo guitar amp is unlikely to give you enough sonic punch. With the "speaker out" function, you can use the amp as a head. I know I keep using the same words to explain the difference in sound. That speaker is the load. And the sound will be less uni-directional (in other words it will spread out and fill the room better). Its a pretty easy mod. May 27, 2010 · Amplification can be confusing to a newbie coming from a combo amp. If you are like me, your experience playing live has taught you that a To begin using your amplifier, connect the speaker lead to the cabinet and head. C-Series Bass Combo The Acoustic B25C is the perfect 25-watt combo amp for the bass player who needs enough power for home practice and rehearsal. Could i add a 2x10 cab and get that sound i think i miss in this amp? and the extension cab using the two 4ohm jacks on the back of the . Use a Combo Amp As a Cabinet (cheap and Easy): This is the simplest way to use a combo amp as a speaker cabinet for a separate amp head. This would certainly give you enough additional clean headroom and power for your application. g. Other additional features you might encounter include: Reverb units. Here are some pictures of Custom Amp Cabinets varying from Fender Replacement Cabinets To newer Boutique Amp Cabinets. 50 ($13) and this project can be undertaken … I got this idea to find a dead amp and use it as the shell for a speaker cabinet. I seriously have no knowledge on this subject but seems that it should be fine. The required parts only cost £8. above? thanks guys. Hmm. . You must not run either amp (the one in the combo or the Mesa Boogie) without it being connected to a speaker. I think what  You can use the line-out speaker jack on your combo amp to connect a speaker cable directly from your combo to the external cabinet. So here's Your browser can't play this video. The combo is an amplifier and speaker all in one package The benefits of combo guitar amplifiers are portability, ease of use and--on some models--expandability. For 15" speakers, combo amps and cabinets usually have 1x15", although 2x15" and even 4x15" cabinets exist. 3. I'm thinking there must be other brands that also use rack-size chassis. You want to buy a combo and hook it up to a cab. You create your own by using the Amp,  The only way I could put this 12" speakers inside the combo was to take out the amp chassis and turn the combo into a little head+cab system. Photo 3 - Basic cabinet is "butt joined" with screws and glue. But you lose power. It's so much easier to alternate pick, they have less recoil and the  14 Jun 2017 An spare amp. More watts typically means a louder amplifier, and it also often IMHO, if you keep the global volume to a reasonable level -which is, keeping up with the drummer and not overwhelming it- each speaker of a 4×12 cabinet gets only 1/4 of the power coming from the amp, thus sounding in fact quieter than a single cone pushing the same volume. If you're a gigging guitarist lugging your gear around the city and don't require the power and size of a full-blown amp stack, a simple 1x12 combo amp is probably all that you require. Hughes and Kettner– like the Seismic Audio one we looked at earlier on, H&K haven’t bothered trying to give this a fancy name. the speaker is probably connected directly to the amp. It is hard to explain, but you can really hear the difference. How to Use Bass with a Guitar Amp. The VC is a pretty similar amp to your You will be presented with a list of items after entering 3 digits, select one of them. jack. No separate connection of the amplifier and speaker is necessary for normal use, but some combos can be attached to larger external speaker cabinets or additional amplifiers, if desired. To use your 8ohm cabinet you would unplug the internal speaker and plug the cabinet into one of the two sockets marked 8 ohm remebering to plug the internal speaker back into May 09, 2020 · Not only that, you actually have quite the dynamic range to work with in just these four knobs. and 2. -To get better tones by "upgrading" speakers. However, if you're referring to plugging it straight into a cab itself (no amp head). The name you can trust! This method allow you to use the primary amp as you tone-generator, and the other amps to provide additional volume for larger venues. 4. The other option would be to use another small combo amplifier with a line level input or effects loop return, possibly In this video, I have demonstrated how to use a guitar amp head when you have no guitar cabinets with you. 50 ($13) and this project can be undertaken by  So I have an AC15. This guide will help you through the steps required to set up OX with a combo amp. Can I use an extension cabinet with my Fender HRD and split the signal between the housed speaker in the amp and the extension cabinet? 3. How to  The advantage of this is that you get more power from the amp (400W). Jan 13, 2017 · Mixing and matching of speakers is a great way to make use of the 4 slots available to provide a more refined tone if required. 73's for the last 10 years. ) Edit: Actually, now it looks like the Speaker Out is used to connect to the combo speaker, so that's a no go. I have combo amp in which the speaker can be disconnected. If using a combo, ensure the speaker lead is connected to its socket on the back panel. This is not going to break the amp, as amps are basically all the same construction-wise. You can't get to a speaker jack, and there probably isn't one on the amp anyway. - To make an amp louder by increasing the number of speakers. I contacted the seller and bought it for $30. Mis-matching - When running a higher resistance (for example: 8 Ohm output into 16 Ohm cabinet), a slightly different feel and response may be noticed. The first rule of amps is to never operate a tube amp without a speaker connected. These cabinets also have their place in the studio but can pose a space challenge depending on your studio. " It can be cheaper in the long run too; if you want to get a louder sound, for instance, then you just replace your head. As Tommy has suggested you can ignore the amp part of the combo and just use the speaker by connecting it to the speaker output of the head. Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of 5- and 6-string bass players can use it without fear of distortion, cabinet rattling Which cabinets do you recommend for use with the Hartke 3500? Remember that the Can I add an extension cabinet to my Hartke Combo Amp? That will  19 Apr 2018 Hopefully cheap too, if you can get an empty amp cabinet. Amps The external cab made the VC sound a lot richer and fuller. If you are handy with electronics, you could disconnect the speaker from the frontman and run the wire to the cabinet. Here are some specific examples (using the CD-3, assuming your DC-3 is a combo, and you external cabinet is rated at 8 ohm): The size of an effects pedal, this box produces 44 watts of power that you could then use to drive your external speaker cabinet. But, don't EVER run a 4 ohm speaker on an 8 ohm jack. You can use “twins,” or combo amps that have pairs of 12″ speakers, but this is where a separate head and speaker cabinets (a “stack”) are most effective. You’re going to be happy that you can use your amp stand to help self-monitor. The only exception in the Egnater line would be the Rebel-30. If you have questionable knots in your cabinet you can secure them with "Super Glue" prior to final sanding. Operationally, choosing a speaker you can safely use is simply a matter of getting to know which speaker is going to work with your amplifier without breaking. At the end of this guide, we will also give you free guitar speaker cabinet design plans that can get you started right away. Both types of amplifier setup will do basically the  17 Aug 2020 Although setting up OX with a separate amplifier head and speaker cabinet is with an all-in-one combo amp (amp and speaker in the same cabinet) can Additionally, be sure not to use any Preamp output or Send / Retur 18 Feb 2013 If the combo's amp does become a problem, you simply sit the extra head on you can use a different head and a combo as the speaker cab. With solid state you can run an amp into a higher impedance load speaker cab safely. An open backed combo amp will never sound exactly like a closed back cabinet. It comprises the amplifier and single or combination speakers fitted in a wooden cabinet. I am not sure if I should connect the external cabinet to the 16 Ohm output or to the 8 Ohm output. A small number of 1x18" bass cabinets are sold (e. 2. Just run a SPEAKER (not instrument) cable from your guitar amp's "extension cabinet" out and connect it to To allow for silent practice and jamming on riff ideas, many manufacturers today include headphone jacks on their amplifiers. If thats what you have, then you can do easily use your combo as a cab. Other Options. With valve amps you want to use the correct amp output to match the loads impedance, so valve amp outputs are always labelled with the impedance they are intended to safely run. Wiring in parallel means the signal is sent to the speakers at the same time. Most combo amps have internal speakers that can be unplugged from the amp chassis using a 1/4″ phone plug. The open back speaker cabinet allows as much as half of the sound to escape out the rear, polluting 18 Oct 2011 Then I started to think if it was possible to convert a combo amp into a head and cab. This is going to get tricky. So this video tells you how to connect an external Cab to any combo. Buy online or at your local store today! Jun 10, 2015 · The simplest way to set up a dual-amp stereo rig is to use two amps of the same make and model, in either a combo or head-and-cab arrangement. You can play whatever amp you want through this cabinet, but it’s important to be realistic that something with tubes will do it the most justice. You will notice a nice volume increase going from the 1x12 in your combo to even a 2x12 cabinet. The fact of the matter is that you can safely plug in a bass guitar to any guitar amplifier. If you are interested in other pedal platform amplifiers, go to Reviews Best Platform Amp. A: Matching an amp head with the right speaker cabinet can be a daunting task. Is there a safe way to use my old 2x12 combo amp as a cab until I can afford a real 4x12 cab? One of the first choices to make is whether you want to get a head and cabinet setup or a combo amplifier. You can use it with any amp as long as the impedance matches. -An spare amp. When using the “Silent Mode”, you do not need to connect the speaker . The amp has two speaker outs (obviously one is being used by the combo speaker), and it can be toggled between 4, 8, or 16 ohms. We specialize in custom orders,contact us for prices,you might be surprised. But a well designed guitar combo with with one or two 12” speakers or a quartet of 10-inchers can deliver a surprisingly big sound. To run it as a cab only, you might need to splice the wires and put a 1/4 inch jack on the speaker. Some amp stands allow you to fasten the cab mic to the amp stand, which saves precious real estate on small stages. Aug 21, 2017 · By relying on a pedal preamp instead of an amp for your tonal base, you can depend less on the amp and cabinet to provide your signature sound. It doesn't have an external amp input jack or anything, so I presume I would have to disconnect the speaker leads from the combo "amp head" and wire in a phono input jack. Guitar combo amps come in a lot of different sizes, both in terms of speakers and wattage. I think it's an 8 ohm speaker, so you're best off going into an 8 ohm cabinet from the speaker out jack (unless it doesn't disengage the speaker, in which case it would be differen As with the amp models, comparing the Super Champ's impersonation of, say, a small tweed Deluxe combo and a big 4x12 cab can make these models seem a little over-the-top and caricatured, but the variety is both welcome and genuinely useful in further expanding the amp's repertoire. You CAN run the combo into a 4x12 cabinet if you like. I take a 1×12 open back combo and place it in a small amp stand facing me, i use a Hugh’s and Kettner red box ,directly to the P. Nov 28, 2014 · So I had a 2x10 cab custom built for it. That's exactly  If the amp has an open back surely you could solder a jack plug to the the speaker from the combo being used as a cabinet, plus you can use  Also wondering if I can somehow rearrange the amp component so it's used from the back instead of the front so all you see is speaker mesh in the front. Mar 20, 2009 · You can only do it your combo amp has a "speaker out" jack. -A different tone. COMBO AMP: When using an attenuator with a combo amp, place the unit between the amp’s speaker out and the speaker itself. 113,281&n 16 Jan 2017 I did this 3 days ago and it works a treat, BUT, the combo speaker is 8ohm and so is the external. Feb 14, 2007 · What he said, and don't mix'em up Also, it's a combo amp, right? When you plug a speaker cable into the speaker out, it probably disengages the speaker that's in the amp. , Trace Elliot). Some amps use spring reverbs, which can be very natural sounding, while others use digital reverb. Dec 13, 2012 · If you could run both at the same time, you alter the load on the amp. Can I stick a 1/4 inch plug in the "external" jack to disconnect I've a 4 Ohm speaker in the combo and would like to use this without any invasive electricians work. Speakers can be wired in series or parallel. These features allow you to use it as a Pedal platform amp. I would like to use the combo amp speaker and the cabinet at the same time. others have wires soldered or somehow connected to the terminals on the speaker, with the other end being a standard 1/4 in. With that said, let’s get right to it. With a bass combo amp, you don’t need to struggle with many pieces of heavy gear and long speaker cables. Would I be able to disconnect the speaker and plug that cable into another head  More convenient, you can move around one thing for your amplification needs. Also had a matching head cab made (to move the amp over into). It can be done, with a little modification. Just connect the "Phones/Rec Out" of the guitar am Can You Use an Amp Head With a Combo Amp? In short, yes. It's ok to attach more ohms to the amp but not less. A ,this has decreased our bands volume dramatically, everyone in the band is happy and we are not deafening the audience out front, those 4×12 cans are the worst thing you can have for a small club, no ear drums When paired with its matching PPC108 cabinet, the Micro Terror’s Aux Input and Headphone output make it a perfect practice partner, small enough for even the most cluttered sideboard. Maybe you need:1. Most combos allow you to plug in a different speaker cabinet or an additional  How do I connect my amplifier to my cabinet? Most units If using a combo, ensure the speaker lead is connected to its socket on the back panel.